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DIY Dog Wash

Wash your own pooch using our professional facilities!


High quality dog bath that will ensure that bathing your dog whatever size is a pleasure as you can adjust the height of the bath to suit you!

PLEASE NOTE:  This is located UPSTAIRS

Also available for you to use:-


A blaster to dry off your pooch after their bath!


A professional height adjustable grooming table for brushing.

All this for just £10 per 30 minutes, including the supply of shampoo and a clean dry towel!!


No more wet carpets, scratches on your bath, mess to clear up or towels to wash and dry!


You take your car to the car wash, so why not take your dog to the dog wash!

Just £10

per Half Hour!!

Service Washes where someone else washes your dog are available for an additional £5


Walk ins are welcome, but may have to wait!


Only one dog per appointment with a maximum of 2 adults.  

All persons using these facilities must be over 18 years of age.  

You can book for longer than 30 mins, but this will be done in blocks of 30 minutes.

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