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Information & what to expect

Vet Referral

A vet referral is required for all swimmers regardless of the reason.  To ensure your dog is fit enough to be treated and does not have any conditions that will adversely affect the dog in the water.  Download the vet referral form here:


Underwater Treadmill

We also have an underwater treadmill available.  This is for rehabilitating immediately post op or for neurological conditions.

The Pool

The pool is 4m x 4.75m x 1.1m deep and is warmed to between 28 and 32 degrees celcius which is the optimum temperature for hydrotherapy.

There is a ramp into the pool for ease of access.

Your dog will be showered before and after swimming.

The pool is sanitised with bromine and checked at least twice a day.



Ensure your dog does not eat 2 hours before their appointment.  They can drink.


Please ensure your dog has been to the toilet prior to swimming.  Any accidents in the pool may result an excess cleaning charge of up to £100.


If your dog is older, diabetic or on a reduced exercise schedule, consider the effect of hydrotherapy.  




All swimmers will have swim in either a buoyancy jacket or harness.  Initially dogs may swim for only a few minutes, but as their fitness improves they will be able to swim for much longer.


Let the hydrotherapist know what toys they like, be it a tennis ball or a squeaky toy.


If you notice your dog behaving in such a way that may impact a session, let the hydrotherapist know.  For example, needing the toilet.



Bring shampoo and a towel as they will have a shower before going home.


Wait at least two hours before feeding.


Don't be surprised if they are tired, swimming will take it out of them!

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